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Easy ways to include Dryfruits in your Diet

Did you know that dryfruits and nuts are a great source of vital nutrients like monounsaturated fats, folic acid, proteins, and dietary fibre which make them perfect for quick and healthy snacking habits. A fistful of nuts contributes towards increased energy levels and immunity. Here is how you can make them a part of your regular diet. 

Making them a part of your snacks and meals reduces the time we would invest in consuming them separately. 


Add them to salads 
Toss some in your salads. It doesn't matter where you are if you get into the habit of carrying them in a pocket jar. Take them out and add some goodness of health by adding them to your snacks. They will keep your untimely cravings away.  

Add nuts to your sauces and curries 
Nuts can be added to your curry preparations or blended for a great texture and taste. Not just this, cashews are used in many curry preparations as they give a great flavour to the dish along with adding to the thickness of the gravy. Walnuts give that beautiful crunchy taste. Almonds add a wonderful aftertaste when added to pasta.  

Add them to your smoothies 

If you love milkshakes and yoghurts, nuts go perfectly well when blended with the milk and yoghurts of your choice. Berries and nuts go really well leaving you with a flavourful taste on your tongue. This way you do not even have to add sugar giving you health benefits. This could be a good choice for your on-the-go healthier option. 


Add them your fruits and desserts 

This is of course keeping your portion size in mind. You can always add almonds, cashews or walnuts to your desserts or fruit salads. Once in a while, you can also have nuts dipped in chocolate sauce for a guilt-free dessert. 

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